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Emmaus Ecumenical Catholic Pastoral contacts

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Ecumenical Catholic Communion Pastoral contacts

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            Fr. David Gerardot, Head of our Ministry of                The Good Shepherd

A bit about David: I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I joined the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God; graduated from St. Louis University and worked as a nurse with terminally ill patients. I studied theology at the Dominican School of Theology and Philosophy in Berkeley, California and was ordained in 1980.  After serving as a hospital chaplain and associate pastor, I continued graduate studies in nursing and doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology and began private practice in 2000.  I work with individuals, couples and families.  My wife, Judith, and I have been married 18 years and have three children and six grandchildren.

As a priest, I enjoy being with others, celebrating the Eucharistand sharing the Sacred Word.  My greatest joy as a priest is to lead others in prayer especially as we offer our selves with Christ in the Eucharist.  I enjoy coaching and teaching others.  I feel it a great privilege to help others hold their emotional and physical suffering in times of crises and to share our faith together.    

VISION: The integration of the mind, body and spirit has been the focus of my career as a priest and psychotherapist/advanced nurse practitioner.  I believe every person is a complex and dynamic multidimensional system. At the center of every person is the soul, that core part of the individual that yearns for the fullness of meaning and purpose in life.  At this level the person experiences the ultimate mystery of God, the ďKin-domĒ.  Here Godís intimate love and mercy are experienced in the most personal way with the realization of Godís divine plan for all of creation. This sacred space is the womb of hospitality where Godís presence is realized and intimate relationships are born.

HOSPITALITY:The grace of hospitality begins with emptying oneself (kenosis).  In this self surrender to God, holy space is created for the other.  Hospitality is the profound awareness of Godís love and mercy - the reality of this divine blessing for all of creation.  It is the deep awareness of being interconnected and fully united with God.  Hospitality wants the best for the other person.  In hospitality, the person moves towards others with love and compassion.  

Favorite Scripture Passage

ďThe Prodigal ChildĒ, Luke 15:11-32

Bishop Kedda Keough, Pastor of Emmaus ECC

Kedda in Ordinary Time

A bit about Kedda:  I was born in Tacoma WA and have lived in Western WA all my life. Raised a Catholic in the Roman tradition. I earned my Master of Divinity degree in 1991. I also earned a Certificate of Pastoral Leadership in 2006. I was married for 40 years; my husband died in 2010. We were foster parents for several children. I worked as a Pastoral Associate in three different Archdiocesan parishes. My present occupation, when not serving as pastor of Emmaus, is as a real estate professional.  I feel a little like St. Paul and his tents.

As one of the founders I helped to develop our Emmaus ECC community. As pastor, I enjoy preparing and celebrating liturgies, and seek to invite participants into a full, conscious and active participation of liturgy. I also enjoy the honor of breaking open the Word of God in homilies, and love it when people get engaged with the Word. As a funeral minister, I am glad to be with people and help them at this sacred time.  In 2017 I was appointed as Vicar for our Pacific Northwest ECC Region.  In October of 2018 I was consecrated an ECC Diocesan Bishop.

VISION: I believe that everyone deserves a place to worship where they feel welcomed.  Together we at Emmaus seek to welcome everyone, and especially those who feel they don't fit in.  My heart goes out to alienated and distanced Catholics who feel unwanted by their former Church. We have no interest in attracting people out of Churches, but when people feel unwelcome and cast out of their Churches, then here we are, ready to say "Come and See."  We may be your new home! We are a gay friendly community.

 RECONCILIATION: The grace of reconciliation begins with opening your heart to God's love for you. When we are embraced by the unearned love of God we are able to not only forgive ourselves, but able to forgive others, too. There are many ways that people are alienated in today's world: alienated from God, from themselves, from each other and from Creation. Christ brings all things together again in God.  Our healing begins by accepting God's love, and next accepting others as God accepts us.

You may call me "Kedda" without any titles, and I won't be unhappy, as it can be so confusing for people when it comes to addressing us women priests. It is common to address us women priests as Mother, if you want to know this trivial fact.  Some people call me Bishop, some  call me Pastor, others Reverend or Your Grace.  Most just call me Kedda.


Favorite Scripture Passage: Micah 6:8


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