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W elcome!

All are Wecome!  

Sunday Mass:10:30 am in the Sacred Space at First Christian Church in Olympia.  

We meet every Sunday.  Our doors open at 9:30 am and mass begins at 10:30 am.  Read more... here.  

Coming Soon!   Advent!

The first Sunday of Advent is November 30th.  Prepare to begin a new liturgical year.  We will be reading the Gospel of Mark.


We elected our next Presiding Bishop at the 2014 Synod.  We are happy to announce that it is Francis Krebs, who was also consecrated as a bishop at this Synod.  

The Consecration of Bishop Francis

Watch it HERE.  

We also recently elected someone to serve as a bishop for our region.  

We elected Fr. Tom Altepeter of St. Clare in Spokane.

                               Fr. Tom


PRAYER REQUESTS  -- We invite you to join us in praying for these requests.  You may add your own requests by emailing us.

What does it mean to be Catholic?  Read more about our Catholic Identity .... HERE.

Are you an Ecumenical Catholic or a Roman Catholic?  Take the test HERE.

The theme for the 2014 Synod was...  

"Weaving Relationships in Christ

Through Dialogue and Prayer"

Watch this space for future information from this Synod.  See the videos from the 2012 Synod below.


2012 Synod of the
Ecumenical Catholic Communion
October 23 - 25, 2012

"Serving God's people from the Church at Home
to the Ends of the Earth"

Videos of the Synod Liturgies:

Synod Opening Liturgy

Presentation of Strategic Plan

Bilingual Evening Prayer

Taize Morning Prayer

A Celtic Mass

Evening Prayer and Rosary

Bishop Steve addresses the delegates

Morning Prayer with Mother Kedda

Bishop Peter Signs Legislation

Healing Liturgy

Closing Ceremonies


In the Season of Ordinary Time


Emmaus ECC seeks to provide an inclusive and welcoming Catholic Community, sharing the richness of the Catholic faith tradition, open to a progressive Catholic theology, available and accessible regardless of age, race, national origin, religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation, and welcoming all regardless of differing abilities.   We desire to provide a source for deepening an individual's personal commitment to the life, teachings, and spirit of Jesus through prayer, study and mutual support.  We also seek to be engaged in social justice outreach rooted in Christian gospel values, interacting with the wider community. We are a gay friendly community.

What gives us great joy is to welcome people who grew up Catholic, or in another Christian tradition but feel they no longer fit in or belong in their Church.  We also welcome people who grew up in other traditions, or in no faith tradition; those who seek an inclusive and diverse community. We are a different and valid way to be Catholic.

ECC:  A wonderful way of being Catholic!

Pastoral Letter of Bishop Peter

May They Be One

The Feast of Saint Pachomius
May 9, 2014

Greetings to all the Sisters, Brothers, and Friends of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion! My dear beloved companions in Christ,

"May they be one, even as we are one." This is the prayer of Jesus for all those who would follow Him. "Remain in Me as I remain in Abba and He remains in me." This is the desire of Jesus for all who would share in His life. Unity within the body of Christ is not merely an ideal that we profess but it a reality that we, as disciples of Jesus, must realize at every moment. The failure to live in unity with one another is to fail to live in accord with the expressed will of Christ for all those who would bear His name. To live in unity with one another is the mandate of the Gospel of Christ.

This unity of which Jesus speaks cannot be achieved apart from love. This is why Jesus commands us to love one another even as He loves us and gives His life for us. Without love unity cannot become our lived experience. The failure to remain in unity with each other is ultimately a failure to love. This is why schism is so very abhorrent to us because the act schism is never an act of love. Unity is always the sweet fruit of love and disunity is always the bitter fruit of the absence of love. "The world will know that you are my mine if you love one another." To act in disunity is never an act of love but always an act of selfishness. Whenever schism manifests itself selfishness is always behind it.

Read more of this important letter HERE.  




















Celebrate your Catholic faith with us

Located at First Christian Church in Olympia

Watch for our sign at the entrance.  We are located in the Sacred Space. Entry door is on the left as you go up this entryway.   Map         





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